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A Deity of Lord Ganesh Sheds Tears


GWALIOR, MADHYA PRADESH, INDIA, September 1, 2005: The scientific 
community's view that God does not exist has been questioned again by 
hardcore believers following a miracle at Gwalior's Pipaleshwar Temple 
where tears came rolling down from the eyes of a Deity of Lord Ganesha, 
the elephant-headed God of well-being and wisdom. According to Lila 
Devi, the priest of the temple, the miracle occurred on Wednesday 
evening . "At 6 o'clock when the people came to lit a lamp they saw 
tears in the eyes of Ganesha. At first, they were confused whether they 
should tell about it or not but then they told about it. Since then, 
people in large numbers are coming to see," said Lila Devi. Residents of 
Gwalior feel that science has no relevance in the face of this miracle. 
"When I was returning from the shop in the evening at 8:30, I saw the 
crowd near the temple. The people told me that Lord Ganesha was crying. 
I took out my handkerchief and wiped his tears. Then I saw a drop of 
tear fell on my finger. In this modern world, science will fail before 
this miracle," said K C Makheja, a resident. Devotees in large number 
thronged the temple which is nearly 50 years old. They think that it is 
a good omen and prayers have been conducted. Looking at the crowd 
thronging the temple, police have been deployed to maintain peace and 

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