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New Vedanta Sansrit Series -What is this?A monthly
magazine?Is it 
to know the contents generally?
K Sundara Raman
The New Vedanta Sansrit Series is a series of editions
of the major Vedantic texts such as the Upanisads and
Gita in which the text is given in sandhi and without
sandhi and is given a full grammatical explanation
suitable for both beginners and scholars. The first
volume, The Mundaka Upanisad is due to be published by
Munshiram Manoharlal later this year. More details
will be posted nearer the time.
Oliver Fallon

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> My name is Oliver Fallon, I am thirty eight years
> I studied sanskrit at London University and now
> Sanskrit at St James School in London, I am the
> of the New Vedanta Sansrit Series published by
> Munshiram Manoharlal.

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