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Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 2 12:22:31 CDT 2005

> > *Shyam: I'm not sure what you are meaning by Sampurna Mukti.
>Badisa: I mean salvation. In other words, can the state of gyani be said 
>salvation before dissolving of the subtle body in pancha bhutani? Please 
>let me know.

Dear Ramesh Badisa,

I have to ask you again, why do you have to privilege the body, physical or 
subtle, so much? The state of the gyAni who is still alive is one of 
complete non-identification with the body. That is why he is said to be 
liberated. Upon death, the bhUtas (mahAbhUtas and tanmAtras) constituting 
the physical and subtle bodies that we associate with the gyAni just merge 
in the corresponding tanmAtras. This is as per bRhadAraNyaka (na tasya prANA 

The real gyAni, who knows he is the one Atman, whose body was on earth, does 
not go to brahmaloka in a subtle form. Can the state of this gyAni be said 
to be salvation? Why not? Even when embodied and visible to other human 
beings, the gyAni knows that he is nothing but the Atman. When the physical 
body dies, the gyAni still knows that he is nothing but the Atman. There is 
no change in status for the gyAni himself. He was abiding as the one Atman, 
he remains as the one Atman. The physical death is therefore a non-event. 
For other human beings, the physical death of the body of the gyAni can be 
seen as an ordinary event, as ordinary as going to sleep and waking up. That 
is the reason why they say that there is no death related pollution when the 
sannyAsi dies.

If there were to be a so-called gyAni, who considers the physical death of 
the body and the resultant merging of the individual physical elements into 
the universal physical elements to be important for "sampUrNa mukti", then I 
turn back and say to you, such a gyAni is not a gyAni at all. Because he 
still identifies with the deha, even in ever so slight a fashion. 
Paradoxically enough, there is no immediate final merging of the subtle body 
into the elements for such a person, because the body-identification will 
mean that he has not really known the one Atman and therefore still has 
stages of krama mukti to go through.


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