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Namaste Kartik-Ji:

Some definitions of linga as follows:


layaM gacchhanti bhuutaani saMhaare nikhilaM yataH |

sR^iShTikaale puanaH sR^iShTiM sasmaalli~NgamudaahR^itam ||


Meaning - At the time of pralaya all bhuutaa's this universe becomes one (laya) in the li.ngaa and again establishes itself through it at the time of “sR^iShTikaala - creation”, therefore it is known as li.nga.


li~NgaM cinhe anumaane ca saa~NkhyoktaprakR^itaayapi |

shivamuurtivisheShe ca mehane.api napu.nsakam ||


Meaning - As a word li.nga it is a symbol, inference, prakR^iti from saa.nkhya saastra, especially shivamuurti and penis. The word itself is neutral gender.##


Hope this helps your understanding the meaing of li.nga.




Dr. Yadu

S Jayanarayanan <sjayana at yahoo.com> wrote:
--- "Jaldhar H. Vyas" wrote:


> > What is the importance of Siva Linga?
> This is going to be a long answer. The linga is the iconic
> representation 
> of Shiva Bhagavan. That's all for most people.
> There is a deeper philosophical meaning too. Linga in Sanskrit
> means 
> penis. The yoni (the plinth upon which the linga is placed) means
> vagina. 
> The linga represents the primordial union of Shiva-Shakti by which
> the 
> universe is created and continues.

H.H. Wilson in his introduction to the translation of the Vishnu
Purana notes that the "impure fancies" of Western writers has
resulted in the above conception of the Shiva Linga, and that such a
fanciful interpretation is nowhere to be found in any of the Shaiva

Do you have any traditional teachers (I would prefer prior to the
British invasion) who have suggested the above interpretation, or is
it based on speculation?

The word linga can also refer to a symbol or gender.



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