[Advaita-l] Rearrangement of Vedas

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On 10/23/05, Krishnarao Lanka <krishnarao.lanka at gmail.com> wrote:
>  All these arguments were clearly condemned upto the roots, and the theory
> of ApourushEya of the vEdas was re-established very long back itself.

The ApourushEya of the vedas is established based on faith (alone). In
which sense your statement is correct.

> Any one who knows the pAramparika sampradAya, that any of the mantras
> should not be changed or altered by any one at any time for any reason.
> Even the Parama Siva, from whom it is said that all the Vedas were
> originated, has no right to change even a single letter from them because
> he also was not the author of those mantras.

All this is perfectly fine for the faith aspect, but remember that the
inquiry was more of a "sAnsAric" logical kind rather than the
indisputable belief that the vEdas are beginningless. The question was
simply about the order in which the 4 books were WRITTEN down.

Also, the normal connotations about "proof" and "establishment" are
usually used in the context of Logic, and logically, you cannot prove
something by assuming its parts. So if you try to argue that the vedas
are ApouroshEya because the vedas themselves say so, this is just a
show of your faith rather than a logical argument. Remember that each
person is entitled to his / her own faith. So "arguing" based on faith
is usually futile.

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