[Advaita-l] Rearrangement of Vedas

Krishnarao Lanka krishnarao.lanka at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 06:55:53 CDT 2005

  Dear members,

  Really I am having very good regards and high opinion about sri Jaldhar H
Vyas. But the message of his saying

"Yajurveda is just a rearrangement of rks for the use of the adhvaryu
priest. Samaveda is a rearrangement of rks for the use of the udgatr
priest. Even the Atharvaveda mostly consists of rks also found in the
Rgveda. Thus is can be said that the Rgveda is the source of the other
three. However it must be said, that all three contain material which is
not found in the Rgveda and cannot be simply dismissed as

-is quite unexpected from an eminent scholar like him. I am unable to 
assimilate the analysis made about the Vedas with younger and older theory 
and also the rearrangement of the veda mantras, to suit according to the 
convenience of the purohits or priests theory. I had to change my opinion 
that he is deeply under the influence of the western historians who 
actually wanted to create an impression that all our beliefs about the 
Vedas and other scriptures are false and baseless. They wanted to say that 
the Vedas are the collections of hymns composed by some Aryan tribal 
leaders to suit their own needs. They wanted to fix up a date line for the 
Vedas. They also wanted to say the mantras have been changed by the 
Brahmin purohits to keep their superiority among others.

  All these arguments were clearly condemned upto the roots, and the theory 
of ApourushEya of the vEdas was re-established very long back itself. All 
the westerners became silent, but the doubts created by them are still 
lurking in the minds of our own Indians. I am not so efficient to put 
forth any proper arguments to convince them and weed out all the doubts, 
but could not resist keeping quiet.

Any one who knows the pAramparika sampradAya, that any of the mantras 
should not be changed or altered by any one at any time for any reason. 
Even the Parama Siva, from whom it is said that all the Vedas were 
originated, has no right to change even a single letter from them because 
he also was not the author of those mantras.

"anAdiniDhanA nityA vAgutsristA swayamBhuvA |
Adau vEdamayii nityA yatah sarvAh pravrittayah ||      .

The vEda has no beginning at all.  They have manifested themselves, which 
were there safely kept in the Parama Siva`s belly at the time of the 
previous destruction of that creation. They came out from the mouth of 
Siva quite involuntarily as a vomit. As Sankara says, "aprayatnEnaiva 
liilA nyAyEna puruSha niSSwAsavat".  They came out from Siva just like the 
expiration of breath of any individual. Veda itself says the same,

"asya mahatOBhUtasya niSSwasitamEtat"   It also says

"vEdo~nAdih sivastasya vyanjakah paramArdhatah |

aBhivyakti mapEkshyaiva praniitEtyuchyate Sivah ||"

Siva is only an insinuator or a medium for expressing them out.

"yaDhA vyAGhrii harEt putrAn damstABhih na cha piiDayEt |

Bhiita patana cHEdabhyam tadvad varnAn prayOjayEt |
Evam varnAh prayOktavyA nAvyaktA na cha piiditAh ||

Utmost care must be taken while pronouncing the letters and words of the 
vEda mantras, just like a tiger carrying her cubs with her sharp teeth, 
but very cautious about the cubs to be un-hurt.  Only to keep that 
tradition, not to be changed in the text, 'pada, karma, jata Ghana like 
perturbations also came out along with the vEdA texts.

"Eta arShanti hridyAt samudrAt cHatavrajA ripuNa navachakShE |
Ghritasya DhArA aBhi chAkaSImi hiranyayO vEtaso maDhya AsAm ||"

The vEda mantras were called 'SatavrajAh'.  It means every mantra in the 
vEda., contains hundreds of meanings.  Those meanings can not be 
understood while you are in the physical plane. You have to enter in to 
the mental plane i.e., subtle body.

This can be attained only under the guidance of an expert Guru, after 
undergoing some disciplinary codes of conduct.  If you just go through 
only the literary meaning, from the physical plane, the meaning of the 
mantra may appear to be absurd and with out any sense. That kind of people 
may say, that these vEdas were written, and also re-arranged for 
convenience of some Brahmin priests.

"vEdO~si yEna twam dEva vEda dEvEBhyO vEdO~bhavah |
tEna mahyam vEdo BhUyAh ||"

O Veda!  You are the vEda for the dEvas.  Please be the same for me also.

If the vEdas were written by human beings, how can they become vEdas for 
the gods also?  I request sri Vyas to correct himself in this regard.

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