[Advaita-l] A Brief Introduction to pUrva mImAmsA - 6 (Mantras)

Ramesh Krishnamurthy rkmurthy at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 06:30:58 CDT 2005

> Kindly bear with my ignorance...I am not clear here...do you mean to say
> vEdA-s are propagating two different siddhAnta-s like relativity & gravity
> here??  whatever siddhAnta is there Rig vEda can be found in other vEda-s
> as well...dont we say that vEda-s advocating *yEkamEva satyaM*??

** I am not suggesting anything of that sort. The R^ig veda says
"praj~nAnaM brahma" and the yajurveda says "aham brahmAsmI". These are
not different siddhAnta-s. However, it is generally believed that the
R^ishhi who saw "praj~nAnaM brahma" lived before the R^ishhi who saw
"aham brahmAsmI". It does not really matter as both the statements are
equally anAdi, apaurushheya, etc

As an aside, I would like to know what transliteration scheme you are
following when use 'E' as in 'vEda'. The scheme used by shrii
vidyAsha.nkar on the advaita vedAnta home page is a slight
modification of ITRANS, but neither of these schemes use 'E' or 'O'.

hare kR^ishNa

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