[Advaita-l] Logic and shatra

Mahesh Ursekar mahesh.ursekar at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 02:24:52 CDT 2005

 You are still referring to experience and I to inference. You can infer all
the below. For example, the first point:
 > why is one so attracted to the opposite (or same?) sex? why are sexual
impluses so hard to control? why is the reproductive desire a core human one
(propelling the propogation of the species)? Answers to such questions might
give a clue as to the nature of this desire.
 Similar to the other points.
 Similarly, can science or logic conclusively infer that consiousness should
be the substratum of all around us as claimed by the Vedas?
 Humble pranams, Mahesh

 On 10/19/05, solai at ihb.net <solai at ihb.net> wrote:
> Pranams Mr.Mahesh,
> Thanks for your mail.
> I am a Finance guy, I am not very much aware of science. But, if there
> is a scientific method to make a Brahmachary (like Beeshma) to
> understand the sexual feelings; or to make an orphan understand the pain
> of bereavement; or to make a blind man understand the colours then,
> there might be a chance to infer consciousness without experience.
> If we can infer through our senses through the scientific methods, then
> there is no need for all these shastras. They are there, just because,
> we cannot understand through our limited senses.
> Thanks
> Solaikannan
> Pranams:
> While you cannot effectively describe how a gulabjamun tastes, the idea
> is
> that one can infer from science that the certain chemical constituents
> of
> the sweet cause the sweet taste. In fact, one could, in a laboratory,
> breakdown the 'taste' portion of the sweet only and give it to a person
> and
> say that due to this chemical, you get the said taste.
> My whole point in relation to science and shastras is that can we infer
> that consciousness is the reality that talked of in the shastras through
> a
> scientific approach. We might now realize it but can it be inferred?
> Humble pranams, Mahesh
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