[Advaita-l] Logic and shastra

Sridhar Babu sridhar at amritapuri.amrita.edu
Wed Oct 19 01:31:55 CDT 2005

                   || Bhava Sanakara Desika me Saranam ||

Dear Avaitins

I really love the contents but I want simple and concise materials that
would suffice the whole of the teaching.

Sripada Renu
Sridhar Babu
Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavanthu

O! Mother                                 ****
Let my every word be a prayer to Thee,
Every movement of my hands a ritual gesture to Thee,
Every step I take a circumambulation of Thy image,
Every morsel I eat a rite of sacrifice to Thee,
Every time I lay down a prostration at Thy feet;
Every act of personal pleasure and all else that I do,
Let it all be a form of worshiping Thee."

>From Verse 27 of Shri Aadi Shankara's Saundaryalahari

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