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I am a Smartha Niyogi Brahmin from South India. Currently I am in Germany.

I have the following questions:

1) What is the difference between Advaitha, Visistha-Advaitha abd Dwaitha? As
far as I see I find it at the level of Moksha?

When Atma attains moksha i.e Avidya is removed atma attains a state called
Advaitha. In visitha Advaitha there is a difference at this level.

2) What is Brahman according to Advaitha? Does he have a shape "Nirguna"?
As per Advaitha "Sivaya Vishnu Rupaya Siva Rupaya Vishnave, Sivascha
Hrudayam Vishnu Vishnocha Hrudayam Sivaha"

Siva = Vishnu

Why do we put three lines on the head (Vibuthi) like Sivaites?

What is the importance of Siva Linga?

3) Why a brahmin is not supposed to cross a sea?

Yours sincerely,

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