[Advaita-l] Re: Three Questions on Jiva, Atman & Brahma-jnAna

Sridhar Babu sridhar at amritapuri.amrita.edu
Sat Oct 8 12:57:27 CDT 2005

              || Aum Srimad Guru Charanaravindabhyam Namah ||

Dear Advaitins

It would be more pleasing to discuss considering the events that are the
evidence of the relative and the Absolute. For a Jiva, the laws of nature
work beyond his control but these laws are under the Control of an Atma or
Brahma Jnani or the Realized soul.

Looking for the best examples on both the relative and the Absolute.

Sripada Renu
Sridhar Babu
Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavanthu

"Past, present and future: surrender all three to God and go forward,
always remembering Him. Then there will always be a smile on your face."

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