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Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at braincells.com
Mon Oct 3 11:33:32 CDT 2005


My name is Vishu and I am 28 years old. I live in a small town in southern
California. My family has extensive advaitha background but I never really
understood it. My father turned me away because I had too many questions and
quite often compared advaitha with science and prevailing thoughts. He
advised me to close my eyes, hold my nose with three fingers and then chant
gayathri manthra for at least 21 times, preferably 108 times.  I never
understood any of the rituals that I was made to follow. Like many of my
contemporaries, I followed the scientism and quickly adjusted to the routine

I had been longing to understand what I was doing for a while and that
curiosity led me to the pursuit of vedantha. Contrary to popular beliefs in
the small town where I grew up, advaitha is quite logical and appeals to a
rational mind, and I found myself quickly absorbed in it. As I try to
discern the intricacies, I found myself in soup again with my father. He
says that one can’t get any knowledge without a guru and that even if one
does, one can’t transcend the ignorance with self-acquired knowledge, for
only guru is the legitimate source of brahmajnana.

My father suggested me to follow the “bhakthi” route, being the kind of
unfortunate and underprivileged soul that I am, inflicted with avidya to the
core. I could not satisfy myself with the idea of picking a form of God and
just worship. I needed a bigger picture. I read few books here and there and
thanks to internet (Google deserves a special mention) I could find a lot of
information right at my desk.

Last year, I quit my job and started working on my own. This enabled me to
get back to life’s persistent questions. I did not like the routine job and
I wanted to do something more stimulating, quickly raising the question –
what am I supposed to do? – Am I supposed to follow my desires and do as I
please or am I supposed to do something else? How can one know what one is
supposed to do?

So here I am fellow crusaders and enthusiasts, trying to fathom unknown
depths. I have very basic questions. I apologize in advance if I come across
as too naïve or mundane. I don’t have big ambitions, just want to understand
and put philosophy to practical use.

[Vishu had some questions which I am going to post to the list seperately 
-- Jaldhar]

I really appreciate your help and pleasure meeting you all.


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