[Advaita-l] pArthiva- A year devoted to bhagavad gItA bhAShya discussion

Raghavendra Hebbalalu hs_raghavendra at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 29 23:28:58 CST 2005

Discussing the gItAbhAShya is a great idea. But discussing *only* the gItAbhAShya may cause a slight problem. For instance, what if one needs to refer to an upaniShadbhAShya or a prakaraNagrantha for clarification ? What if members are studying some other text ? 
My suggestions are as follows - 
1. The gItAbhAShya can be the primary focus of the list during pArthiva-saMvatsara. Can shrI-vidyAshankar restart his bhAShya series ? This will provide the necessary foundation for the discussions. 
1a. Also, would it be possible as part of this effort to create a PDF book containing the gItA-shlokas, the original Skt. bhAShya, an English translation and some notes on the commentary ? A work such as this would benefit seekers immensely. This work can be the result of the year long systematic discussion that is being proposed. There are learned members on the list and many members probably have access to learned teachers. If a learned person (member/non-member) can take up editorship of this document, it would be great. Volunteers will be needed, of course. I volunteer to do whatever little I can.
1b. This model can be followed with other works of shrI-shankara and other works can also be published online under the auspices of the Advaita Vedanta Samshodhana Kendra (advaita-vedanta.org)
1c. I am saying this because,IMHO, there are no really good scholarly online resources for Advaita. This group being the most mature Advaita online group is quite capable, I feel, of pioneering this effort. 
Sorry for the digression. Off-list responses to these suggestions are welcome as we don't want to clutter the list discussing other details.
2. But discussions pertaining to other works should not be disallowed.
3. IMHO, the guideline of a maximum of 3 mails per member per day should be enforced. Too much clutter leads to a lack of focus.

Ravi Mayavaram <ravi at ambaa.org> wrote:
Let us know your thoughts (and amendments) on the following proposal. 
Discussion on this matter will be closed on March 31st. So please send 
your comments to the list. And restrict yourself only to ONE post on 
this subject. Final decision will be made by the moderators based on 
your input.

SUMMARY: Coming chandramAna year, pArthiva, will be devoted *only* to 
the discussion of Sankara's bhagavad gItA bhAShya.

Key Items:

A) No other subject, except ADMIN posts will be allowed.

B) All subject lines should refer to a chapter and/or verse from gItA.

C) Main focus will be on our AchArya's bhAShyam. But notes from other 
associated sub commentaries and other commentaries to explain the text 
are welcome.

We started Advaita-L in 1996 and till this point, we have not undertaken 
a systematic or a focused discussion on this very important work. I 
hope we can remedy this in the coming year(s).

Ravi Mayavaram

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