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Ø      A jnani amongst Devatas is in the same position as a jnani jivanmukta amongst humans.


·        Can you give some references on this?


When it is said, “jnani amongst Devatas” when was this jnanam achieved? A person can get jnanam while on earth. In that case, the jnani won’t become a god after death, but becomes divine, as the jnani’s aim would be for salvation. On the other hand, if this jnanam can be achieved in some other loka, then show some reference in this regard. 


Ø      But he _ is_ present everywhere at all times. It is only to the ignorant Nachiketa (and us) that it appears there is an…..  Lord Yama, he would not agree that he is “localized in his abode” 


·        Nobody would know that. On the other hand, do we have any references to show the above statement? 


If God Yama is present everywhere at all the times, then, it also means as per the context that Nachiketa, who is in discussion with God Yama at that time should also be present every where at all the times along with God Yama. Then only discussion between them would be possible. In the first valli of Katha Up., it is said that Nachiketa had waited 3 days at God Yama’s home when God Yama was gone elsewhere. Now, if God Yama is everywhere at all times, then how come Nachiketa stayed at a particular location (God Yama’s home) for 3 days? The absence of God Yama at his home for 3 days, and staying of Nachiketa clearly indicate that God Yama cannot be everywhere at all the times. On the other hand, if the assumption that God Yama is everywhere is correct, then, God Yama could have known immediately that Nachiketa was waiting for him at his home. Having known this, God Yama should have come immediately to meet Nachiketa. Because, as per God Yama’s own words (Kata Up. 1.7 to 9), it would
 be a curse to keep a Brahmin guest starving at one’s home. The fact is that God Yama himself acknowledged his absence from his home for 3 days, and then in order to pacify, God Yama wanted to offer 3 boons to Nachiketa. These incidents clearly indicate that Yama cannot be present everywhere at all the times. 


On the same lines, can we say that Lord Brahma (Ch. Up. 8.9.1 to end of this Upanishad) is also present everywhere at all the times? If it is correct, then how come God Indra visited Lord Brahma many times, before the latter gave the atma gyan to the former? If Lord Brahma is not localized at one place, then how is it possible for God Indra to make many visits to Lord Brahma? As per Brahma Sutra 4.3.10, all lokas including Brahma Lok (BL) will get destroyed at pralaya. If Lord Brahma is present everywhere at all the times, then how can his abode, BL, be destroyed at pralaya. Destruction is possible when a particular thing is localized. The fact that BL will also be destroyed at pralaya indicates that Lord Brahma is not present every where at all the times, but localized at a particular place. Thus, the conclusion is that God Yama, Lord Brahma etc cannot present everywhere at all the times. If this is incorrect, then quote some proof. 


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