[Advaita-l] pArthiva- A year devoted to bhagavad gItA bhAShyadiscussion

Ajit Krishnan ajit at mudgala.com
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Dear Moderators,

This is a great idea. Although others have expressed concern about the
exclusivity of Gita postings, this does not bother me in the least. The
majority of list members are likely members of other groups (such as the
advaitin list) where general discussions can continue for the next year. 

It seems unlikely that a systematic and focused discussion on the entire
corpus of the Gita's 700 verses will be possible in 360 lunar days. 

The following variant proposal may be considered: We might restrict this to
periodic systematic discussions on particular chapters/portions of the Gita.
For example: every other month might be dedicated exclusively to a given
chapter/portion of the Gita allowing us to cover the basics of 6 chapters
systematically in this lunar year. The advantages of this are:

a) Focused discussions during the periods in question
b) General discussions in alternate months break up the monotony and allow 
   other discussions. 
c) This would ensure that the basics of atleast 6 important chapters are 
   imparted during this lunar year.

Also, please ensure that references from the acharya's other works and
general prakarana granthas are welcome to clarify issues. Particularly on
followups attempting to clarify some stance or doubt, such cross-references
should be encouraged.



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Let us know your thoughts (and amendments) on the following proposal. 
Discussion on this matter will be closed on March 31st. So please send 
your comments to the list. And restrict yourself only to ONE post on 
this subject. Final decision will be made by the moderators based on 
your input.

SUMMARY: Coming chandramAna year, pArthiva, will be devoted *only* to 
the discussion of Sankara's bhagavad gItA bhAShya.

Key Items:

A) No other subject, except ADMIN posts will be allowed.

B) All subject lines should refer to a chapter and/or verse from gItA.

C) Main focus will be on our AchArya's bhAShyam. But notes from other 
associated sub commentaries and other commentaries to explain the text 
are welcome.

We started Advaita-L in 1996 and till this point, we have not undertaken 
a systematic or a focused discussion on this very important work.  I 
hope we can remedy this in the coming year(s).

Ravi Mayavaram

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