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Mon Mar 28 21:33:40 CST 2005

Greetings V. Krishnamurthy ji,

As you rightly point out in the exposition on "Science and
Spirituality" on your web site, to ask for "scientific" proofs of the
statements in the scriptures would be missing the point. It is so
simply because classical science and spirituality are based on
different sets of axioms, and thus their unification does not lend
itself naturally. (modern science seems to be moving in this direction
gradually, by allowing itself to reconsider its axioms)

What I am asking for though, is the internal consistency and
completeness of spirituality itself. The aim here is not to try
finding "scientific proofs" or "refutations" of spiritual experiences,
but to explore spirituality with the tool of "logic". Although logic
is known to be a central concept of science, it has the advantage that
it does not fix for us a set of axioms.

For example, "Atman is brAhmaN" can be "logically" derived from
"brAhmaN alone is" by reasoning that "since brAhmaN alone is, either I
'am not' or 'I and brAhmaN are the same'". So what I am asking for is
that set of "minimal beliefs" that defines advaita.

"Logic" and "proof" are loaded words because of their mis-use by some
"scientific fanatics" who demand "scientific proofs" for
"unscientific" phenomena. Without falling into that trap, it may still
be possible to explore spirituality by its own set of rules, starting
from its own axioms, which in religious language we call our
"fundamental beliefs". Indeed, this is what we are doing even now, it
is the very purpose of this mailing list.

These fundamental truths are by their very nature unprovable, which is
not a "bad thing". My current goal is to find that "substrate" of
advaita that is sufficient to uphold and derive its every beautiful

Forgive me if I have simply restated myself and missed the purport of
what you said, but from your writings I gather that you agree with me
on the point that although:

"if we look at the foundations or axioms from which the different
conclusions of Science and Spirituality were arrived at, they can be
seen to belong to two independent frameworks ...",

"Sprituality does have its own framework or 'logic'", and I am
interested in finding the axioms that define this framework,
especially for advaita. Thanks.


On Mon, 28 Mar 2005 14:49:09 -0800 (PST), V. Krishnamurthy
<profvk at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Namaste, Aditya Vartun Chadha-ji
> You  write:
> "I want to know whether it is possible to "prove" the above
> statements
> somehow. If so, then what are the atomic truths that are
> used in such
> a "proof"? If such a proof is not possible (that is to say
> that these
> statements are simply assumed true), then can all other
> manifestations
> of truth be arrived at by the application of these
> statements? "
> May I recommend you to a chapter on 'The Proof' that I
> have written some time back .  You can access it through:
> http://www.geocities.com/profvk/proof1.html
> and its succeeding  18 pages.
> Incidentally, I am not replying to your long response
> (m16281) to my reply to your other query; because, your
> last paragraph there summarises my own view. Thanks.
> PraNAms to all seekers of Truth
> profvk
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