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I am interested in joining the Advaita-L list - have been a member of
advaitin (the other list) for over 3 years.


Here is my Bio:

I am a Software Professional (a cynic may ask - who isn't these days)
originally from Madras ( I still don't like the name Chennai), India.
Graduated from College of Engineering, Guindy and currently living
near Sacramento, Northern California, happily married with my wife and
two children.

 I did not have much religious interests in my younger days and in
fact prided myself on being an agnostic. But I had the good fortune of
having my views reversed and got exposed to Advaitic ideals by a truly
great Yogi and a disciple of Sringeri Acharyal inthe late 1970's
during my engineering college days.

My spiritual interests lay dormant for nearly 20 years and seem to
have revived recently - aided primarily by restart of my meditation
practice, in addition to my daily dose of work,  family activities, 
sports, stocks and social activities. I have read in parts Gita
expositions by Sri Madhusudana Saraswati and Sankara, Upanyasam s by
Sringeri Jagadgurus, books on Ramana Maharishi, writings of Eknath
Easwaran, audio speeches of Swami Paramarthananda. Also familiar with
western authors such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Jon-Kabat Zinn etc. As the
organizer of a Satsang in Sacramento and as a part-time teacher at the
local Yuva Kendra, I am also interested in material appealing to
people with western orientation.


Sundar Rajan

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