[Advaita-l] pArthiva- A year devoted to bhagavad gItA bhAShya discussion

S Jayanarayanan sjayana at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 24 11:54:56 CST 2005

I don't think the proposition as it stands is a good idea for
the following reasons:

1) It seems to be sending the message that:

"If you are interested in starting a thread on the Brahma sUtra
bhAshhya or wish to participate in discussions on the
upanishhads, this list cannot accommodate you."

It sounds rather restrictive in "forcing" people to study only
the GItA bhAshhya, even though they may be genuinely interested
in other equally important texts. The primary purpose of the
list to hold discussions on all texts pertaining to advaita
VedAnta seems lost.

2) I'm now doing a series on pUrva mImAmsA (hard to believe with
the lack of posts in recent days, but it is true), and would
have to either complete it in the next few days, or cut it
prematurely. I'm trying my best to get it going, but it's more
difficult to find time while being employed than being a

3) Upto now, this list discusses not only the texts of advaita
VedAnta, but certain philosophical questions such as "What is
avidyA?" or "Why is the dream state equated to the waking
state?" or "What does Shankara say regarding sannyAsa?" etc.
Such discussions help a lot in understanding what the basics of
advaita VedAnta are, and this will no longer be possible with
the proposed rules.

4) Occassionally, doubts creep in regarding texts that one has
read before, and these questions can never be asked.

Why not have the series on the BG BhAshhya while other
discussions go on uninterrupted? There is no reason why a series
cannot go on in parallel with other discussions.

If a focus on the GItA is indeed preferred, why not try
something like this:

1) Threads on BG must have "Gita Bhashya" on the subject line.
So people who are specifically interested in such discussions
can concentrate on these posts.

2) Each person will be permitted not more than 1 post/day for
discussions other than the BG. (All but one post per person will
have to be connected with the BG.)

There needs to be some leeway in discussions. Limiting the
discussions only to the BG is rather restrictive and quite


--- Ravi Mayavaram <ravi at ambaa.org> wrote:
> Let us know your thoughts (and amendments) on the following
> proposal. 
> Discussion on this matter will be closed on March 31st. So
> please send 
> your comments to the list. And restrict yourself only to ONE
> post on 
> this subject. Final decision will be made by the moderators
> based on 
> your input.
> SUMMARY: Coming chandramAna year, pArthiva, will be devoted
> *only* to 
> the discussion of Sankara's bhagavad gItA bhAShya.
> Key Items:
> A) No other subject, except ADMIN posts will be allowed.
> B) All subject lines should refer to a chapter and/or verse
> from gItA.
> C) Main focus will be on our AchArya's bhAShyam. But notes
> from other 
> associated sub commentaries and other commentaries to explain
> the text 
> are welcome.
> We started Advaita-L in 1996 and till this point, we have not
> undertaken 
> a systematic or a focused discussion on this very important
> work.  I 
> hope we can remedy this in the coming year(s).
> Ravi Mayavaram
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