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K Sundara Raman,
Flat No 1C,Karpaga Vijayam,
1,Subramaniam street,Abhiramapuram,
Chennai Pin code: 600 018 India
Phone no 044-24995576
email:sundararaman at eth.net
I thank you for your welcome letter requesting me to furnish my bio data. 
I am a Commerce grauate,Cost Accountant by profession retired as
Exe.Vice President Finance from a leading Chemical Manufacuring  
Company in India.
I was born and brought up in India with Indian culture and tradition
having undergone adhyanam in Krishna Yajur Veda.Subsequently I have
attempted in the last 15 years to study Adi Sankara Bhashya of Ten
Principal Upanishads,Bhavad Gita and Brahma Suthra.Besides I have also
covered Sanath Sujathiam,Vishnu Sahasranama and Trisati Bhashyam of
Sri Adi Sankara.I have completed HH Chandrasekarendra Bharati's
commentary for  Vivekachoodamani
I live in the above residence and I have dedicated another flat in the
same street for Indological Studies where Vedanthic Classes are
conducted daily by Scholors which are digitally recorded and
circulated among interested persons.
I am also attempting to bringing out monographs on Advaitha Vedantha
Literature particularly to younger generation sothat they can
appreciate Indian values.One such publication is on Brahma Suthra
Sankara Bhashya Sangraha with selected portions of Bhashyam with
English translation duly divided into various topics for people to
understand particularly Westerners.I am creating a web page with a pdf
file containing the full version of the publication and   will shortly
forward to you be shared with other Vedantha students.
I am a Srividya Upasaka and I have attempted to bring out a book by
serious Upasakas on Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam. Hard copy of this book
is already sold 1000 copies and the second edition has been recently
brought out.
I am 65 years old,happily married with two children,a daughter married
to a Stanford post doc settled in Bangalore India and son (IITM,MS
from USA) settled down in Austin,USA happily married.
Ram Ram 
K Sundara Raman

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