[Advaita-l] Divine will And free will

sriram srirudra at vsnl.com
Sun Mar 20 05:33:33 CST 2005

Dear members
Imho The divine will is the ultimate one and the so called free will is our illusion.What we think of as our free will is nothing but our ego identifying with actions -as Baghvan says in the Gita Karthaham ithi manythe- which are as a result of our thoughts which are again born of beginning less Avidhya.That is to say we cannot definitely say why we get thoughts relating to objects which we want to shun and why we implement certain thoughts and allow other thoughts to die.We also modify our thoughts to avoid ridicule and show that we are goodies etc.This kind of an honest evolution will point to the result that all our so called free will is governed by the Supreme will.When one cannot guarantee one`s life where is the question of one`s boasting that he does what he wants to do.If at all he smells success we can say that his will was in tune with God`s will which we cannot forecast.

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