[Advaita-l] India, my beloved India!

Mahesh Ursekar mahesh.ursekar at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 13:27:19 CST 2005


What has become (or is becoming) of you my beloved country? Where
woman was worshipped as a personification of the Mother, is now
reduced to an item number! Where renunciation was an ideal, material
wealth seems have gotten sway! A spiritual country with a wealth of
sages and seers now gradually reducing to a country of the rich and
famous! Why hast God chosen to unleash the powers of "woman & gold",
which Sri Ramakrishna, in his supreme wisdom, said were to be avoided
like poison to gain in spirituality, as such a huge onslaught on an
unsuspecting people?

This is the question that gave rise to my original question of Divine
and Free will vis-a-vis Advaita. If I were to believe in Divine Will
(and I do), it would be hard to fathom a God who allowed a people to
throw away the crest jewel of spirituality for the fake jewels of
material wealth. If Advaita were true (and I believe nothing else can
be), when I see some woman reducing herself to an object of lust on TV
in front of children and adults alike, I have to keep telling myself,
this too is the spark of the Divine! Ah! How hard it is to reconcile
Divinity and stark reality unless one sees through the eye of wisdom?
And so, I await the Professor's last installment weaving this thread
of Divinity and Humanity in one complete whole…

Pranams, Mahesh

PS> If anyone else shares similar or contrary sentiments, I would
really like to know because most people I have tried to broach this
subject with seem quite indifferent to my viewpoint…

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