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The Soul
"The immortal soul, residing within the mortal body, travels up (towards
the abode of Light and Knowledge) and down (towards the realms of Darkness
and ignorance) bound by the fruits of actions. The immortal soul and the
mortal body always move away in different directions when (a person)
passes away. But one (the body) is known to all and the other (the soul)
is unknown to all." (Rigveda 1-64-38)
This Body is like a chariot for the charioteer that is the Soul. This body
is like a house in which the Soul dwells and enjoys itself. Good or bad
actions are performed by this body, but it is the Soul which has to
experience the fruit of its actions. A good action is that which gives
happiness and joy to others, and a bad action is that which is painful to
others. By helping others and giving joy and happiness to others, a person
purifies his heart from all impurities like hatred, anger, violence etc.
Such a purification of heart leads our Soul to travels towards the Supreme
Abode of Light and Knowledge, which is in fact our inherent property, but
is overthrown by impurities that come within us from the external world.
Like the Sun is covered by the clouds, therefore even though it is there,
it isn't visible.
On the other hand, those who give pain to others, travel towards the
realms of Darkness and Ignorance, i.e. people that hate others or are
violent, their inherent property of Light and Wisdom is more and more
subjugated and overthrown by these bad actions. Bad actions are like
clouds that have fully covered the Sun, and have the power to create
darkness even at 12 o clock at noon.
The immortal soul dissolves into the Supreme Soul like a flame of fire
dissolves into the universal omnipresent Light when it extinguishes. On
the other hand, the mortal body dissolves into the five elements from
which it was produced.
But how many people know that such a soul does exist? Those who don't,
alas, don't know themselves. They even don't know who they are?
Siddhartha Krishna

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