[Advaita-l] Kundalini as a product of not-yet-understood biol ogy?

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Mon Mar 14 09:29:44 CST 2005

On Fri, 11 Mar 2005, Mahesh Ursekar wrote:

> However, as you are aware, this is the most difficult path of the 4
> possible (Jnana, Bhakti, Karma, Raja) but not exclusive paths for
> realization.

The idea that there are different "yogas" is a peculiar invention of
Vivekananda.  It has no basis in Advaita Vedanta.

The message of the Vedas is twofold, karma (action) and jnana
(knowledge.) Of these, the former as practised by a karmayogi results
in the purification of mind and body.  But as there is still
identification with a mind and  body, it cannot liberate.  it is only the
jnana marga as practiced by a sannyasi which leads to the knowledge that
liberates one from samsara.

Bhakti can belong to karma or jnana.  As karma it is faith that following
dharma is pleasing to Bhagavan.  Impelled by the thought "how can I serve
Bhagavan the best?," the bhakta proceeds to ask "Who is Bhagavan?" And
eventually he realizes "Bhagavan pervades all this and my very self" Thus
Jnana is the highest form of bhakti.

Rajayoga is just a form of bodily and mental discipline which, again, can
be applied to either karma or jnana.


> So, Jnana is a means to get to Brahman but Brahman is beyond Jnana.

Brahman _is_ jnana.

> In closing, one final question: From what I have read, realization is
> only possible when the Kundalini is raised to the crown chakra or
> Samadhi is achieved. Do you both agree to this?

I think Kundalini, chakras etc. are one means visualising the process of
sadhana.  There are other processes of upasana described in the shastras

> According to
> Praveenji, I understand, Samadhi without Jnana is meaningliess since
> Samadhi is happening all the time but we don't realize it. But is the
> opposite possible i.e. can there be realization with Jnana alone and
> without Samadhi?

I don't see why not.  Samadhi is just an intermediate stage albeit a
superior one to the confusion of the everyday world.

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