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Wed Mar 9 14:47:22 CST 2005

Namaste to all:
"The seers say that when one realizes Bramhman, the knower, the knowing
and know become one. If that is indeed true, then when one returns to
the normal state, how can one claim that Brahman was experienced as
Sat-chit-ananda? That claim can only be made if the knower was
different from the known during the experience"
Badisa: The knower of brahman becomes brahman. This is true. But the question is when this happens? 
The state of above person you have mentioned is said to be called realization - meaning that he understood by experience that his soul is nothing but divine. But it does not mean that his soul, which is still localized finitely in a physical body (which is still facing the prarabdha karma -PK) at the time of realization or experience of divine, has become divine and acquired all divine powers, like powers of creation, dissolution etc. On the other hand, the above state only means that the above person understood the divine nature of his soul. Once experienced, he will always remember and experience his divine nature as sat-chit- ananda. So there is no question of returning to normal state. Up to this point, the person's soul is finitely localized, while divine is infinite and present everywhere at all the times. This clearly indicates that the soul of a divine experienced person is not divine 100% but possess divine qualities, like water present in the sea and in the river is the
 same. The thing that "the knower of brahman becomes brahman" happens only after the death of his physical body, and this happens once his PK become zero. Then as per Gita, 2/24, his soul becomes infinite, meaning that the soul is divine, and that there is only one divine, like only one sea remains once the river merges in it. Advaitam takes place only at the end, and before that, it is the realization of advaitam.



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