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Wed Mar 9 03:19:08 CST 2005

Dear listmembers,

I love very much Indian music and I ordered some items from 
www.sonarupa.co.uk webshop from Leicester.

But this friend has moved away and I have no possible order music in my 
own because I don't own credit card and I cannot get it because I have 
permanent work.

So I wanted to ask do you anybody know internet shops which I can sale 
items via bank-cheque. I am afraid there have no but however I decided 
to ask.

I have forexample thesekind cd's ; Sultan Khan, Hariprasad chaurasia, 
Pandit jasraj etc and I love very much cd Himalayan chants, including 
powerful mantras, shiva, vishnu worship which make me feel deep longing 
for highest goal..

I found from www.sonarupa.co.uk webpage that it has came new cd 
Himalayan chant vol 2 and I have dried to find how I could purchase it 
and therefore I ask also help from this list.

There have no available Indian music in Finland and it feel so sad to 
see wonderful music available but to find I have no possible to get it. 
It would nice also to get big pictures of deities, books etc.

Himalayan Chants 2 TDIDE 229C

with best wishes


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