[Advaita-l] Re: a possible reference to kundalini inbrhadaranyopanishadbhashya?

Ravi Mayavaram ravi at ambaa.org
Mon Mar 7 11:43:19 CST 2005

Sri Jaldhar wrote:
"[I think the use of sushumna, yogis etc. shows that Shankaracharya was
aware of the Kundalini philosophy but not in favor of it.  The clincher
would be if the chakras were refered to by colors.  Is that so?]"

lalitaa sahasranaama asscoiates different aspects/form of devii to each 
chakra and gives quite a detailed chart (with 5+ attributes for each 
chakra) of this. See the names starting from vishuddhi chakra nilayaa. 
Names in the text are arranged in the order shown, based on the number 
of faces the devataa has.  The devataa of each chakra has a color.

vishuddhi       - aarakta varNaa  (devata has 1 face)
anaahata        - shyaamabhaa (2 faces)
maNipura        - rakta varNaa (3)
svaadhishhTaana - piita varNaa (4)
muulaadhaara    - not mentioned (5)
aa~jnaa         - shukla varNaa (6)
sahasraara      - sarvavarNopashobita  (sarvatomukhi)

Besides this, other kuNDalini traditions associate chakra-s not only 
with a color, but also with a sound. This matter should be available in 
all the details in works on tantra.  There are specific meditation 
methods to listen to these sounds and finally as the saadhaka ascends, 
all the different sounds merge into the single cosmic roar of Om.


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