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Wed Jun 29 09:19:26 CDT 2005

Namste Vyas-Ji:


Here, we also need to recognize that aacharya wrote many stotras only after realization of advaita.


Interpreting the meaning that lord through ananya bhakti, as avibhakam vibhakteShu - "HE" is not separate for the bhakta is very important.

In the words of Saint tukaaraama -


lahaanapaNa de gaa devaa . mu.ngii saakharecaa ravaa .

airaavata rat{}na thora . tyaasii a.nkushaacaa maara .

jyaace a.ngii.n moThepaNa . tayaa yaatanaa kaThiiNa .

tukaa mhaNe jaaNa  . vhaave.n lahaanaahuuni lahaana .. tukaaraama gaathaa 744 ..


Meaning - Here he compares elephant and an ant.  Hay Lord! Let me remain small.  Airavat (an elephant, 14th Gem that came out of churning ocean) does not get an opportunity to enjoy the sugar as an ant does because she is so small.  On the other hand airavat has to bare the constant poking from the “ankush”.  Tukaram wants us to realize this factor that one who is big has many different suffering.  Thus remaining or becoming small (meaning polite, humble) should be preferred. 


This process helps saadhaka to reduce the chances of acquiring EGO, which is always the biggest hurdle.


Regards and apologies for interjection,


Dr. Yadu


"Jaldhar H. Vyas" <jaldhar at braincells.com> wrote:
On Tue, 28 Jun 2005, Krunal Makwana wrote:

> I was recently reciting the Krishnashtakam composed by our Beloved JagatGuru, 
> and the last verse confused me, when Bhagavatpad say's :
> yadA tadA yathA tathA tathaiva kRishhNasatkathA
> mayA sadaiva gIyatAM tathA kRipA vidhIyatAmh
> pramANikAshhTakadvayaM japatyadhItya yaH pumAna
> bhavetsa nandanandane bhave bhave subhaktimAna
> O Lord Krishna! Please bless me so that I may sing your
> glories and pastimes, regardless of the position I am in
> **Anyone who studies or recites these two authoritative ashtakas**
> will be blessed with devotion to Krishna in every rebirth
> Which other ashtaka is Pujya Acharya refering to? as Bhagavatpad refers to 
> TWO ashtakas.

The complete works of Shankaracharya originally published by Vani Vilasa 
Press and since republished by Samata books (http://www.samatabooks.com/) 
includes a krishnashtakam which begins shrIyAshliShTo viShNuH ... but not 
this one which begins bhaje vrajaikamaNDanaM ...

However I have seen the latter ascribed to Shankaracharya in other places. 
For instance brhatstotraratnakara, a collection of stotras published in 
Kashi in 1964, includes both. So perhaps Shankaracharya did write two 
ashtakas to Krshna Bhagavan.

Also it is interesting to note there is another composition by 
Shankaracharya called achyutAShTakam which starts with the famous shloka 
achyutaM keshavaM rAmanArAyaNaM ... which we recite at the end of every 
chapter of e.g. satyanarayana katha

Jaldhar H. Vyas 
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