[Advaita-l] Brahmarishi (deviating to caste!) & Vishwaamitra

praveen.r.bhat at exgate.tek.com praveen.r.bhat at exgate.tek.com
Thu Jun 23 23:15:12 CDT 2005

praNAm all,

May I humbly request not to get deviated to caste talk, per se. As Jaldharji
pointed out, this has been discussed a lot many times on the list and been
knocked off by moderators intervening too! If anyone must, pls refer the
archives that have been made searchable with effort from the good people on
the list.

Moreover, I do not want to be blamed for having started something off my
thread-initiation :)

Since I'm allowed to post only one mail off the Gita-topic, I'll add this
one here:

One Mr.Pattar (cc'd here) mailed me with the following Q on Vishwa(a)mitra.
Does anyone have answers to this? Sanskrit or puranic scholars may already
know this. I know all my referred texts have *aa* not *a* in Vishwaamitra's



I saw your mail Advaita-L, since I am not a member I cannot post there.

Its 'Vishwa-mitra and not Vishwa-amitra as popularly pronounced
according to PavagaDa Prakash Rao, Vedic Scholar from Bangalore. I saw a
kannaDa TV program in Chandana...where he was mentioning about this.

If its vishwa-amitra - unfriendly to world

Vishwamitra - Is friendly to world

anyway just wanted to know , if u can ask this on the List..


Thanks much.

jai bajrangabali,

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