[Advaita-l] Evolution of the Universe

kashyapa sharma swatmarama at yahoo.co.in
Thu Jun 23 07:12:41 CDT 2005

Dear Sadhaka Brothers and Sisters,
Hari Om,
Let me introduce myself to you.My name is Kaashyapa(name is derived from the son of sage kashyap).I am a student of vedantha.I am deeply interested in philosophy(partly because my uncle is a sanyasi).The Sadhaka Brothers and Sisters would agree,the first very thing we remember when mentioned about advaita is Adi Shankara.He urges every human being to find the answers for the following questions:
1)Who are you?
2)Where are you from or origin?
3)What is your ultimate destination?
Of the three questions the question of origin is quite intriguing and requires profound studies to realize our origin.Being a student,the question of origin is troubling me.Hence I request the Sadhakas to let me know about Adi Shankara's texts which answer the questions.I shall be grateful to you all.
Namah Shivaya

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