[Advaita-l] BG 2.45: nirguNa or saguNa?

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Mon Jun 13 05:12:53 CDT 2005

Another point of view on this verse could be that even a Jivan mukta
occasionally "slips" down to a pure Sattvic state in order to live in the
world and Krishna is exhorting Arunja to be established in this state.

Hare Krishna

Kindly pardon me, I am not able to understand this *slippage/fall* of jnAni
from the absolute state to mundane materialistic plane..no matter it may be
pure sattva...jnAni's realization is such that he is one without the
second...more precisely he is none other than parabrahman which is nAma
rUpa upAdhi rahita kEvala tattva....how can this brahman/paramArtha tattva
can have a fall/slip (!!??) & identify himself with body & guNa even
occasionally??  is jIvan muktha/jnAni not brahman then?? can avidya of
nAma/rUpa upAdhi saMbhandha influence even after ultimate realization &
forced jnAni to *again* identify himself with names & forms??

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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