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hariH Om !!


I have personally benefited by reading and visiting
Sri Ramesh Balsekar. Prior to that I heard a few
Svamis teaching. Most of the Svamis today are busy
teaching 'Stress Management' workshops. Looks like
they have no clue of the main teachings of Advaita
Vedanta. They themselves are not liberated. In this
darkness, I found Svami Dayananda's teachings to be
straight to the point. The Method of Vedanta is just
crystal clear for a seeker. I personally never met
him. But, I listened to him through audio cassettes. I
got a hang of what is this 'pUrNam' of Brahman, that I
AM. Still some logical doubts remained, with reference
to our vyavahAra life. In such context I met Sri
Ramesh. An hour of conversation with him resolved many
of my confusions. He did not answer any of my
questions, but he gave a new direction in which I have
to be looking. That did the trick, and I found some
meaning behind the Vedanta teachings. Later I met
Paramahamsa Nithyananda. His presence sealed my
search. I had an experience which proved beyond doubt,
the meaning of the words of Sri Ramesh Balsekar. Now I
know for sure that what Sri Ramesh teaches is
'REALITY' explained in concepts and words. If one has
done enough enquiry, only then the words of Sri Ramesh
may work. But, his words look crazy for many. But, who
cares, if it works, that is fine.



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> On 7/27/05, TONY VERMA <brahman1008 at hotmail.com>
> wrote:
> > Dear Srikrishna,
> > I am keen to learn from you about your experiences
> I apologize for jumping in the middle. I spent about
> two years with
> Sri Ramesh Balsekar-ji. And though I do not contest
> the validity of
> his teachings from a paramArthic point of view, I
> realized he was not
> for me with my current level of understanding. That
> said, you might
> find "Enlightenment- Who cares?" by Madhukar
> Thompson and its epilogue
> on why he parted ways with Sri Ramesh, quite useful.
> praNAm
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