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Mon Jul 25 07:21:29 CDT 2005

hariH Om !!

Sri Sunil:

You have opened your particular case for open
suggestions, so I forward my comments.

Your request for pointers to Gurus is quite
appropriate, specially because you are looking for a
'Traditional' sanyasi/Guru. Traditionalists can be
easily identified.

You have used the word 'Brahmaleen'. This word means
'dead'. Sure, you are not looking for a 'dead' Guru to
initiate you into sanyasa. Probably, you meant 'Brahma
nishtha'. Actually, a sanyasi is 'Brahma Nishtha' i.e
committed to discover the truth of the Mahavakya. Did
you mean a True j~nAnI i.e a self-realised person? If
that is so, you may be in bad-luck. As I noticed, no
traditional sanyasi declares that he is self-realised,
because there seems to be a taboo to declare their
experiences, in tradition. This is one major hurdle to
find adepts in the path of Vedanta. We at our level
can not judge because we do not know what it is. But,
if you care to spend some time with such masters, you
will learn and get inspired through their life. You
will get convinced that 'that is it'.

If you are looking for a self-realised man then why
are you looking for a dress alone? Are you seeking
Knowledge or label? You are not likely to get a better
teacher than Sri Ramesh Balsekar, if you want to learn
Truth alone. Did you spend a month atleast with Sri
Ramesh Balsekar?

You could approach Sri Svami Dayananda of Arsha Vidya
Gurukulam. He teaches in a traditional method. But,
probably with your biased views, you may not like to
learn from his foreign disciples!

I personally know Sri Paramananda Giri of Akshar Param
Dham, a great teacher, self-realised master, ruthless
stickler to Vedanta method. I was surprised to meet a
Hindi only speaking sanyasi of that caliber, as now a
days we only see Chinmaya Mission brand everywhere.

If your desire is so strong, why don't you live in
Rishikesh for some time and get to know many asramams
there and various sanyasi gurus there. I feel that you
must live with such people for some time and fall in
love with their teaching and method before committing
your life. What is the point in taking ocher clothes
from someone and then start looking for another
teacher to learn. Ofcourse, you can do that too. All
depends on how you get inspired. Also, if you are a
north Indian, you might prefer a north Indian sanyasi
guru. All said and done we have affinity to our
immediate circumstances. There is no doubt that there
are many well qualified teachers. 

You already know Chinmaya Mission. So, I guess that
you are not interested in a 'Mission'. So, your best
bet will be to live for a while in Hardwar, Rishikesh,
Uttar Kashi, Gangotri, Kedarnath, Badrinath etc. On
your journeys you will come to know many other sanyasi
teachers from other regions, then you can visit them
as well. Do this until you find a suitable Guru, whom
you trust, as the right person to guide YOU. It does
not matter if others are helped by him. But, this
teacher should suit you.

I also feel that no teacher will give you sanyasa just
when you meet them. They will also suggest that you
live and work with them for some time, before you are
given sanyasa. It is better for you that way. 

There may be Gurus who are just doing it to count
their sanyasi-sishyas. I guess, you are not looking
for such a person.

Keep asking people for any directions. I do not find
it wrong. When a man is blind sothing wrong in asking
directions. But, you do not have to take them for sure
and implement in your life, unless you are thoroughly
convinced and have tested it for yourself.

Please write to me if you want to communicate further,
off-line, so that we do not drive others to boredom.



--- latha vidyaranya <lathavidya at yahoo.co.in> wrote:

> hari om
> namste
> dear sri sunil, 
> it is nice to know that you have a burning desire to
> attain liberation here and now. this burning desire
> need not be advertized over the net and we need not
> seek a guruji through the net. finding a guruji is
> not like finding the right school for our kid
> wherein we enquire with our friends and neighbours
> as to which is the best school for my kid. a
> spiritual guru is not obtained thro enquiries. 
> you say you have a burning desire. good. may it burn
> you, may it scortch you, may your "taapa" (burning
> desire) turn out to be true 'tapas' inwardly. but
> for the outside world you still need to continue to
> be a house holder. you have duties to be fulfilled
> towards your wife, your children and towards the
> society that you are living. you can not escape
> them. it becomes stressful to you if you start
> thinking "I have to do this, I have to do that".
> instead, do these duties with a 'seva bhaava'.
> Ishwara has chosen you to carry out these duties on
> his behalf. he has delegated these duties to you.
> like how a trusted servant serves his Master without
> grumbling, but with a sense of love-filled-duty, you
> carry out the duties by choice, not with compulsion.
> but heart in heart keep that taapa burning, keep
> looking forward to the day when Ishwara would give
> you retirement from these duties and shower upon you
> the post retirement benefits. IT WILL HAPPEN ONE
> continue to do the duties with love for HE has
> chosen you to these. Feel privileged that you have
> been selected by that Director to play a role in HIS
> Mega Cosmic Drama - like how film actors consider it
> a privilege to play a role in satyajit ray's movies
> or mani ratnam's movies. keep playing that role to
> the best of your capacity, give your best shot at it
> and HE shall truly recognize it, shall allot you the
> role of your life time, the most cherished role of
> 'brahman' when the drama, the director and the actor
> all merge into one or just dissolve!
> Best wishes to you, sunil (the role allotted to you
> currently!)
> hari om
> namste  
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