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Namaskaram s to all Advaita Followers,

Sri Shankara is a true form of Lord Shiva  he watched in future about all the sanyasis and then only he came to one decision that only brahmin can become not others .Okay now what has happened in this world  everyone if his company is layed off he comes to temple he starts to ring bell and holds arati plate or goes &buys a pair of safforn Clothes and wears with a Slipper or Shoes is this the sanyasa or now they are for Money all the Sanyasis they they are Jagadguru sthey say peetadhipatis .Shankara has done ennumber of stotras all these sayasis say that no . 

Sringeri ,Dwaraka , Badri and Puri are the Pure ,Authentic ,Autoritative Mutts . 
Here also a Small incident I like to Share with you all  . In 2002 i went to Sringeri (when ever i go to India I Vsit My Guruji Ssr Sri sri Bharati Thirtha Swamiji )on that day i was in the line seeking for Theertham time was around 11:00AM a small boy who is 13 yrs old was in front of me he was about to take Theertam Suddenly swamji refused to give & asked where are you from ? Why did you come here? Did you had fight with your parents ? for all the above Questions he answered then Swamiji told his Shishya that take him give him food after Madhyana Sandhi and send him to Bangalore ASAP .Then he asked me where are you Going to B,lore or some other place i said Blore so can you drop him in his place can you inform his parents that he is ssafe .Yes themn idid what he wanted to do .these parents was about to call police .
This   a real sanyasa >Every thing is god always pray god so he knows what is happening ,ed ,etc they are not for money .

So now every thing is money so where is Dharma oing why we are facing so many problems in this world   becaus e of this .Sorry   if  I am  hurting any one .

Shankara ,Ramakrishna Paramahamsa ,Ramana Maharshi , Sadashiva Brahmendra they are all Maha Purushas they lived with God .


I hesitate to answer this request, for to introduce myself to other fellow 
advaita vedanta lovers is not like how we introduce ourself to the world 
in Vyavaharik sense....So I will attempt to answer this question the best 
way I can.....I have a firm conviction and have accepted the postulate "I 
AM BRAHMAN" That is why I choose to have an Id Brahman as my email. I have 
been a seeker of truth from early childhood and have found vedanta very 
early in my life. My journey of spirituality took me to many organisations 
like radha swami, bal yogeswar, sai baba, swami chinmaya nanda mission, 
DAsnami akharas, christianity,, shringari matha, badrinarain matha,ramana 
maharish, nisargadatta mahraj, many other eastern philosopies and and 
western thoughts.The journey has been truely colurfull..I am an NRI 
.....medical doctor........with a burning desire for liberation while 
living. I have read many vedanta scriptures and continue to do so even 
now....My favorite ones are avadoota gita, astavakra sanghita, jeevanmukta 
viveka, and most writtings of Adi- Shankaracharya ji I am on a crossroad 
now ...I am looking for a brahmaleena outer Sannyasi Guru. who is 
steadfast In brahman to intiate me into sannyasa. That is why this list is 
Important to be for I have gone as far as I could have gonne as 
householder regading Brahma Gyana and now I wish to plunge into 
Sannyasa.........I wish to hear views from learned members about their 
views in Continuing Brahma Nishta and staying as householders in present 
society verses those who think sannyasa is still relevant for True and 
dedicated student even now , even in the present times and environment. In 
short I am a Vedantist for over 30 years with wonderfull stillness a 
degree of brahmagyana and degree of liberation but not 
staedfast...........I have used the word I many times and to you my fellow 
advaitins This is a crime for BRahman lovers . But as Ramesh Balsekar puts 
it so well knowing ego to be untrue and I to be untrue, still go on using 
it, for convinense of expression and as necessity for day to day 
communication. Finally a request "I AM LOOKING FOR A GURU WHO IS BRAHMA 
else.............Aham Brahmasmi, Ayam ekam Brahman, Om satchitekam 
brahman, Tattwa masi,
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         Nageshwara Sastry 

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