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one additional source for advaita's view on pAta~njala yoga sUtra-s is
found in the gUDhArtha dIpikA of SrI madhusUdana sarasvatI where he
discusses the pAta~njala yoga sUtra-s quite extensively.

Hare Krishna

Well, I am not qualified enough to comment on gUdArtha dIpika as I've not
studied that text yet...but I'd like to point out that now its been a long
pending doubt in my mind about madhusUdana's true representation of
*shankara saMpradAya*...This doubt triggered  because of my guruji Sri
Vidyashankara Sundaresan prabhuji's below observation : (taken from the
Advaita-L website from post shankara advaita AchArya-s)

// quote //

It is also interesting to note that madhusUdana boldly differs from Sankara
in some of his interpretations of the brahmasUtras and the gItA, although
he salutes Sankara and sureSvara in the most reverential terms.

// unquote//

complete details can be found at :

I dont know what exactly these differences are as I've not studied
madhusUdana's dIpika & his other works...I humbly request scholars who have
expertise in both shankara bhagavadpAda & madhusUdana's works to clarify
where he differs from shankara siddhAnta.

Sri Anand Hudli prabhuji, if possible,  kindly help in this regard.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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