[Advaita-l] Re: The 6 darshana-s

Ramesh Murthy rkmurthy at gmail.com
Mon Jul 11 07:55:51 CDT 2005

[Sri Prem wrote:]

> I explored this question in a paper I wrote titled "Doxographies - Why
> six darśanas? Which six?" for the 2004 Graduate Student Colloquium at
> the University of Washington. The paper is available at:
>    http://students.washington.edu/prem/Colloquium04-Doxographies.pdf

Namaste Prem mahodaya (and others of course!),

Sorry for the late reply. I went through your paper and found it
extremely interesting.

So it is evident that the classification of the 6 darshana-s does have
a traditional basis. From your paper, the first text to have the
currently accepted system of classification of the Astika darshana-s
appears to be the sarvasiddhAntasangraha. Any idea of the date of this
text? And why is it "falsely attributed to sankara" as your paper

The detailed classification on page-6 of your paper is particularly
interesting. Could you explain the usage of the following terms:

tArkika vs srauta - my elementary knowledge of sanskrit suggests this
would be "derived through logic" vs "heard", but am not clear why this
distinction should appear here.

Karmānapekṣeśvaravādin vs Karmasāpekṣeśvaravādin ?
Vākyārthavedin vs Padarthavedin?

Hari Om


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