[Advaita-l] brAhmaN and the sound aum.

Aditya Varun Chadha adichad at gmail.com
Sat Jul 9 07:49:49 CDT 2005


I am interested in the etymology of the sound AUM. Can someone please
point me to the earliest known (written) reference to this sound, and
the earliest known source where its significance and relationship with
brAhmaN is discussed in detail.

I have read that AUM can be broken down into A (this) U (that) M (I)
and the silence thereafter, representing in progression the various
stages of realization, conveying through its unbrokenness the oneness
of Atman and brAhmaN. I want to know whether this word was devised
keeping the above in mind, or whether this remarkable sound was
discovered 'accidentally'. Also what is the significance of this sound
for meditation (is it simply an aid useful for effective meditation or
is it believed to be a more fundamental part of nature (prakriti)).

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