[Advaita-l] BGBh and yoga - prANAyAma and pratyAhAra

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Similarly, BG itself does not refer to these technical terms, but talks of
controlling prANa and apAna -

apAne juhvati prANaM prANe.apAnaM tathApare |
prANApAna gatI ruddhvA prANAyAma parAyaNAH || BG 4.29

Hare Krishna

one more verse reminds us about the breathing exercises in gIta is 5-27 *
praNApAnau samau krutvA nAsAbhyaNtarachAriNau*!!   For gaining
concentration & to maintain a healthy body some simple breathing exercises
have been recommended by shankara in the gIta verse - 4-29 by explaining
rEchaka, pUraka & kuMbhaka etc. It is also interesting to note that at the
end of 5th chapter commentary shankara says in the process of realization
karma yOga acts as an external sAdhana (bahiraNga sAdhana) & dhyAna yOga is
an internal sAdhana ( antaranga sAdhana) & these two verses (5-27 & 28) are
in the form of aphorism (sUtra rUpa) for that antaraNga sAdhana which has
been elaborated in the 6th chapter.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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