[Advaita-l] Can you please explain the four theories?

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Ram ram
Atmakhyati-superimposition of the attribute of silver internally on the
external shell-advocated by Yogachra Buddhists(Kshanikavignam)
Asatkhyati-Absolute absence like hare's horn-advocated by Madhyathimika
Akhyati-absence of illusions-advocated by Prabhakara Mimamsakas
Anyathakhyati-superimposition of attributes of silver in remote shop in
shell etc.in front Advocated by Logicians
Anirvachaniyakhyati-indeterminability-advocated by advaitins.
There is a separate page for Sri Saradambal Seva Samiti  Trust in
advaitha-vedantha.org web site.Please go to Vedantha Vandanam I
Advatasiddhisarasangraha and see page 63 thro acrobat reader where
the above  explanation is available.
K Sundara raman
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> Hi,
> Can the members of the group help me understand the four theories -
> 1) Anyathakhyati
> 2) Atmakyati
> 3) Akyathi
> 4) Asatkyati
> Best Wishes,
> Girish
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