[Advaita-l] Viishnu Suri - Rudram

Ravi Parimi rparimi at gmail.com
Sun Jan 30 20:24:06 CST 2005

> BTW this book by Swami Amritananda is a very good and indepth work.
> Swamiji has spent the effort to study various (traditional)
> commentaries and bring them out in a well written English translation.
> I am amazed that RK Math is able publish these books in the range of
> 100 Rs.in these days (which you would spend on a meal in a good
> hotel). People normally say in India that 100 Rs flies  like 1 Rupee
> note and you cant get much out of it.  Certainly not true inside RK
> Math books stores!! You can get  very good  books for one or two
> hundred rupees, or even less.  (BTW you can buy books from RK Math
> Chennai online and they will ship anywhere, but I  have never used
> this service).

I myself have read this book by Swamiji (although not in such great
detail) and have experienced the same. I think RK Math is truly
committed to spreading knowledge and the ideas of vedanta to the
world. When you compare RK Math to Chinmaya mission, there is a stark
difference in the prices of books/material each sells. I have
purchased books online from RK Math and am very satisfied with their
prompt service. Their "Mantrapushpam" is probably one of the best
books they have to offer. Its hard to find such a beautiful compendium
of important parts of the veda in one book. I wish they also had an
accompanying CD or set of tapes with that book..Did anyone come across
such tapes?


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