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Wonderful post.
Can you answer this question, please:
What is the URL for the online RK math store? Do they ship 
to international locations? 


--- Ravisankar Mayavaram <abhayambika at gmail.com> wrote:

> I was reading a commentary on Rudram by Swami Amritananda (RK Math),
> in that book he brings together salient points from various important
> commentaries, such as sAyana, bhatta bhAskara, vishhNu suuri, etc.  He
> also clearly points out which view is by whom. Of them all, I really
> liked the interpretations of vishhNu suuri. He explains the verses
> from adhyAtma point of view. It is just fantastic.
>  In the introduction, Swami Amrtitananda says that just by compiling
> some of the introductions VS gives to some of the verses, one could
> compile an excellent manual on advaita-vedAnta. From what I read in
> Swamiji's book, I found (at least for me) that interpretations by VS
> makes the most sense. IMHO, this is probably the best commentary on
> Rudram.
> While commenting on the 2nd anuvAka, Swamiji leaves out vishhNu suuri
> altogether and makes a note that VS interprets this anuvAka as a
> shaktyupAsana and it very technical (beyond the scope of the current
> book).
> The commentary by VS is published by Anandasrama of Pune and it is out
> of print. You can get it via ILL as few US libraries has them (I
> checked this in WorldCat).
> 1) Has anyone here studied VS's commentary? Especially the one for the
> 2nd anuvAka?
> 2) Can someone post a biographical sketch of this author. 
> 3) Does anyone know of  a direct translation of the commentary by VS
> in English, Tamil, or Telugu?
> BTW this book by Swami Amritananda is a very good and indepth work.
> Swamiji has spent the effort to study various (traditional)
> commentaries and bring them out in a well written English translation.
> I am amazed that RK Math is able publish these books in the range of
> 100 Rs.in these days (which you would spend on a meal in a good
> hotel). People normally say in India that 100 Rs flies  like 1 Rupee
> note and you cant get much out of it.  Certainly not true inside RK
> Math books stores!! You can get  very good  books for one or two
> hundred rupees, or even less.  (BTW you can buy books from RK Math
> Chennai online and they will ship anywhere, but I  have never used
> this service).
> Thanks.
> Ravi
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