[Advaita-l] Viishnu Suri - Rudram

Ravisankar Mayavaram abhayambika at gmail.com
Sat Jan 29 13:04:07 CST 2005

I was reading a commentary on Rudram by Swami Amritananda (RK Math),
in that book he brings together salient points from various important
commentaries, such as sAyana, bhatta bhAskara, vishhNu suuri, etc.  He
also clearly points out which view is by whom. Of them all, I really
liked the interpretations of vishhNu suuri. He explains the verses
from adhyAtma point of view. It is just fantastic.

 In the introduction, Swami Amrtitananda says that just by compiling
some of the introductions VS gives to some of the verses, one could
compile an excellent manual on advaita-vedAnta. From what I read in
Swamiji's book, I found (at least for me) that interpretations by VS
makes the most sense. IMHO, this is probably the best commentary on

While commenting on the 2nd anuvAka, Swamiji leaves out vishhNu suuri
altogether and makes a note that VS interprets this anuvAka as a
shaktyupAsana and it very technical (beyond the scope of the current

The commentary by VS is published by Anandasrama of Pune and it is out
of print. You can get it via ILL as few US libraries has them (I
checked this in WorldCat).

1) Has anyone here studied VS's commentary? Especially the one for the
2nd anuvAka?

2) Can someone post a biographical sketch of this author. 

3) Does anyone know of  a direct translation of the commentary by VS
in English, Tamil, or Telugu?

BTW this book by Swami Amritananda is a very good and indepth work.
Swamiji has spent the effort to study various (traditional)
commentaries and bring them out in a well written English translation.
I am amazed that RK Math is able publish these books in the range of
100 Rs.in these days (which you would spend on a meal in a good
hotel). People normally say in India that 100 Rs flies  like 1 Rupee
note and you cant get much out of it.  Certainly not true inside RK
Math books stores!! You can get  very good  books for one or two
hundred rupees, or even less.  (BTW you can buy books from RK Math
Chennai online and they will ship anywhere, but I  have never used
this service).



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