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> > The reason being advaita vedAnta and the goal mokSha
> > are
> > indistinguishable (at least if you belong to this
> > school). GYaanaadeva
> > tu kaivalyam. 
> How do you know that you do not get jnAna by listening
> to teachers like Ramesh ?

How do you know that you do?

I am not disputing whether or not Ramesh Balsekar is self-realized, but
only that we have no way of knowing one way or another.

> Atleast six people have
> claimed to have got final understanding after
> following Ramesh's teaching.

Not to be offensive, but there are plenty of people who've claimed the
same after listening to David Koresh, but that doesn't make him

When one is unable to ascertain the nature of one person's realization
based on whatever that person says, how can we ascertain it based on
what 6 other people say?

> If I were to trust some
> sage who is dead and gone, reason makes me believe
> these declarations also.

If so, you may follow the said person, but is there a need to ensure
that the person is part of such-and-such tradition?


> So, Ramana established a new tradition.

Ramana Maharshi specifically mentioned that he was not part of the
Shankaran tradition, and that he was speaking from his own experience.
But some Shankaracharyas have said that he was a GYAnI.

I have been meaning to write about the "differences" between Ramana
Maharshi and the Shankaran tradition for sometime now, but here are

1. Ramana Maharshi had no problem accepting the Bible as authentic
scripture teaching advaita.
2. RM accepted Buddha as self-realized.
3. RM permits sannyAsa to women. (I know that the advaita tradition has
also begun this, but I believe RM's declaration was in 1948 or so,
prior to the tradition.)
4. RM did not attach much importance to the mahAvAkyas as directly
leading to self-realization.


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