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> Hari Om,
> I have a doubt reg apoureshayatva theory (I do not
> know Sankara Bhagavatpada's stand on this). 
> How to interpret Lord Krishna's words: "brahma
> akSarasambhUtam" (B.G. 3.15) vis-a-vis "the Vedas are
> unborn" concept?
> karma brahmodbhavam viddhi 
> brahmAkSara-samudbhavam 
> tasmAt sarva-gatam brahma 
> nityam yajne pratisThitam (B.G. 3.15)

It should be taken to mean that the Vedas came from the supreme
Brahman, not that it was created by That. Just as these words that I'm
typing have come from me, and not that they were created by me.

Vide Shankara's commentary on GItA verse 15.15: "I am also the
vedanta-krt, the originator of the Vedanta, i.e., the source of the
traditional school of the teachings of Vedanta"


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