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Raghavendra N Kalyan kalyan7429 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jan 28 09:42:23 CST 2005

"Nakamura and Mayeda have not conducted any study of the vivaraNa. They
merely repeat Hackers ***speculation*** on the authorship of the
vivaraNa. Hacker speculated that sha.nkara was a yogin who "converted"
to advaita and speculated that this was an "early" work. The only
people who have conducted an in depth study are Rukmani and to a
lesser extent Halbfass."
Nakamura has published papers on the vivaraNa and  he also translated the first portion of it. Rukmani and Halbass are not the only people who conducted a study on vivaraNa. Trever Leggett has written an entire book on it containing a translation. The original manuscript of the vivaraNa was studied by two pandits Rama Shastri and Hari (or Krishna?) Prasad shastri (I have to recheck the names, though). Both of them were quite convinced that the work is genuine. Hacker too did conduct his own study of the vivaraNa. Of course, he speculated that Sankara was a yogin who converted to advaita, but Leggett convincingly demonstrates that such an assumption is not necessary. And not to forget H.H Abhinava Vidyatirtha himself, who believed that the work could be important for understanding Adi Sankara. I wonder how he could do that without conducting a complete study of vivaraNa.


"Mahasannidhaanam has recommended works on nyAya also. Surely that
doesn't mean he is a naiyAyika or that he thought that it was accepted
by sha.nkara. The vivavaraNa has some intrinsic value, being good. It
does not matter who the author is to judge the quality of the work."
I presume you are giving this example to show that Sankara, even if he is the author of vivaraNa need not be a yogin, with which I agree.

"In any case all these works have absolutely no validity in discussions
regarding karma - nitya or otherwise."
Perhaps they dont have. I was merely quoting Sankara or who ever is the alleged author of the vivaraNa. I presume Sankara's opinion has some validity in this list even though it may not have any validity elsewhere.


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