[Advaita-l] food habits and Karma

Anand Krishnamurthy anand_krishnamurthy2001 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 27 17:46:54 CST 2005

Thank you all for your comments. There is nothing
wrong with finding meat repulsive. It after all is a 
decaying piece of flesh.  Jaldhar, I also think that
vegeterianism is probably Jaina in origin rather than
Buddhist. Jainism was very popular in the south prior
to Adi Sankara's period. 
Many non-brahmin hindus do not know what to make of
our vedic heritage. Many americans can only come up
with the caste system ideology when you mention
anything about being a hindu. Infact I think Ambedkar
was right. Being a Hindu can mean totally opposite
things to different people. The only thing that is
common to all faiths from India are I guess, Dharma,
Karma and re-birth. Dharma affects Karma and Karma
affects Re-birth or Moksha. Now is that from the
Vedas? Ours is a very evolved faith system. It is very
human. I still struggle to make sense of Shankara's
religiousity like his compositions to Devatas on one
hand and then something like Viveka chudamani on the
other. How can theological ritualism and rationalism
be together?

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