[Advaita-l] Animal sacrifice is black karma

Raghavendra N Kalyan kalyan7429 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jan 27 15:33:45 CST 2005

Of course, I didn't know that some scholars do consider the text as spurious, but I was having Nakamura and Mayeda in my mind and not Leggett. I do value their opinion highly. So, no insult to others. And Swami Abhinava Vidyatirtha took a great interest in this work. It is based on this that I mentioned it as a genuine work, which means I dont agree that the opposite is true as Rama says. 
"It seems strange that such a major work of Shankaracharya would have been totally
forgotten.  It is also strange that none of his disciples have quoted from
it even though there are many instances where yoga is discussed."
I agree with you that it is strange. It is also strange that Sankara had to even write a commentary on the YS and give a vedAntic flavour to it. Perhaps he is trying to influence the sAmkhyas and yogins by using their own well accepted works. But all this is speculation. (The "real" Sankara does hold yogins in high esteem, though). 

"T. S. Rukmani in her two volume translation (which includes the
original text in sanskrit for both the bhashhya and the vivaraNa) 
convincingly shows that this work is not  by the Sankara who wrote
I would definitely be interested in it, but there are equally good works showing that there is no reason to believe that it is not genuine. (I need to hunt for them again). Thanks for the info anyway. 


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