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> Namaste,
> While we are at it, Sankara considers animal sacrifice as black karma. This view is based on his commentary on the yoga sUtras of patanjali. This commentary (vivaraNa) appears to be a genuine work of Sankara as no scholar worth his reputation found any reason to question its authenticity. While commenting on the yogasUtra 4.7 (or 4.8, I dont r

T. S. Rukmani in her two volume translation (which includes the
original text in sanskrit for both the bhashhya and the vivaraNa) 
convincingly shows that this work is not  by the Sankara who wrote
BSB. This book is published by Munishiram Manoharlal and it priced at
1400 Rs.   This book is being sold in the US  for around 100 USD (I

My web search today got this first hit about the author -

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