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On Mon, 24 Jan 2005, Sreekanth Sathyanarayana wrote:

> I am looking for a book on Apastamba gRhya sUtras. Please point me to
> any references you have regarding the same.

A full Sanskrit edition with the commentary grhyatatparyadarshana by
Sudarshanacharya was published as Mysore Sanskrit Series volume 160, by
the University of Mysore Oriental Research Institute in 1987.

Another Sanskrit edition with the above commentary and one called Anakula
by Haradatta Mishra with additional notes by M.M. Chinnaswami Shastri was
published as Kashi Sanskrit Series volume 59 in 1971.

Prayogas which just contain the "practical" details for nitya karmas are
much easier to find.

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