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           As my Guru used to say, one can enter into any Ameydhya Chakraa if you keep the conciousnes of BrahmaRandhra in your mind.  In the yagna, the brahmin Somayaaji is compalsorily eating the  meat and drinking wine, eventhough he is forbidden to eat and drink those items for the whole of his life time.  In Bhagavadgeetha also SriKrishna asks Arjuna to kill all the enemies, after explaining a long and clear picture of Ahimsa in eighteen chapters.  

           There is no wrong in doing any thing for the sake of the
benifit of the society.  That is called a Yagna. If any thing is done for the selfish motive, even if it is said with a twist, that it is done actually according to scriptures of Dharma (just like Duryodhana), it can not be called a Yagna.

           There is no wrong in eating meat, if it is to fill your stomach for survival.  But it is not at all allowed for satisfying your tongue, or to develope your muscular strength of the body.

           Raavana, Hiranyakasipa and other Raakshasas have also performed great penences(Tapas) and sacrificed their bodies till they are reduced to the last skeleton stage.  This is all only to obtain boons for the benefit of their bodies and belongings of the bodies only.
They all have meditated for Brahma (ie.,physical body), only to gain the physical benifits. Please observe.  

On Wed, 26 Jan 2005 Sankaran Aniruddhan wrote :
> >The contradiction is in these verses:
> >MS 5.35: "Consecrated meat (i.e. meat from a YaGYa) should be eaten."
> >MS 5.52: "Unconsecrated meat (i.e. meat not from a YaGYa) should not be
> >eaten."
> >MS 5.56: "There is no fault in meat-eating...but abstinence bears great
> >fruit."
> >
> >Note that the meat that is being referred to in MS 5.56 can be neither
> >consecrated nor unconsecrated.
>Kartik, can MS 5.56 be interpreted in the following way (I have added
>modifiers in "()" braces):
>"There is no fault in eating (consecrated) meat (this is mentioned
>explicitly so that people don't get misled by MS 5.52). However,
>abstinence (in performing a kAmya yajna that involves animal sacrifice)
>bears great fruit..."
>Sruti smRti purANAnAm Alayam karuNAlayam
>namAmi bhagavatpAda Sam.karam lokaSam.karam
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