[Advaita-l] Food habits

Ravi Parimi rparimi at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 19:58:28 CST 2005

> However, modern sages such as Ramana Maharshi who are accepted as seers
> by the advaita tradition are clearly anti-meat-eating. RM has also
> advised against eating eggs, saying, "There is life in eggs".

I don't intend to start a flame, but there's life in plants too. Stuff
without life cannot provide nutrition to us. I consider eating meat
bad because I cannot imagine chopping down a living animal (for e.g my
pet dog) for the sake of food. When it comes to eating plants, I am
immune to the fact that my food was actually prepared by
chopping/uprooting living plants. Apparently, we cannot survive
without killing and eating living things. IMHO, the lesser we kill the
better off we are..


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